Endevr™ myID™ Bracelet

my ID bracelet

by Kim Hull

The myID bracelet from Endvr is an emergency identification bracelet that enables first responders or hospital personnel to quickly access emergency contact and medical information.

Each myID bracelet comes with a unique, scannable QR code, ID and PIN that links to the owner’s profile and provides emergency contact and medical information. myID bracelets come in 3 color options: black/grey, turquoise/black, and white/grey.

What comes with the myID bracelet?

my ID bracelet

Each package has the myID bracelet, a slider that has the unique QR code, ID and PIN, a myID sizing tape to measure your wrist, stickers & a wallet card to record your ID & pin. The waterproof band can easily be cut to size.  The first year of service is included, so the next step is to get a myID bracelet profile established.

Setting up the myID bracelet profile

my ID bracelet QR code A myID profile can be created at http:myidband.com/activate, which also can be accessed by scanning the QR code found on the back of the band’s slider.

On the website, a profile can be set up using the ID & PIN found on the back of myID bracelet which links the profile to the myID bracelet.

The profile information can include:

  • Vital medical conditions. Condition and notes.
  • myID bracelet websitePersonal information. Name, birthdate, gender, hair color, height, weight, blood type, organ donor, photo.
  • Address
  • Emergency contacts. Names and phone numbers.
  • Allergies. Allergies and notes.
  • Medications. Medications and notes.
  • Physicians. Physician name, business name, title, phone number, city, state (Multiple can be listed).
  • Insurance information. Insurance provider, ID number, group number, bin number, deductible, customer service phone number, notes.
  • Linked myID products. ID and pin.

myID bracelet condition specific sliders

myID bracelet condition sliderWith interactive emergency ID bracelets still fairly new, it is a concern that the first responder or hospital personnel will not understand what an emergency ID bracelet is and does.

While most providers are working to educate the industry, many in the medical profession still recommend the old medical alert bracelets they have been trained to look for to identify specific conditions.

myID has a combined solution to address this issue with condition specific sliders available for $4.99 each.

The conditions currently available include: peanut allergy, diabetes 1, diabetes 2, hearing impaired, autism, penicillin, vision impaired, seizures, shellfish allergy, tree nut allergy, alzheimers, dementia, morphine, emphysema, mentally impaired, pulmonary conditions, sickle sell anemia, blood disorder, insect allergies, kidney disease, epilepsy, and pacemaker.

The facts straight from Endevr myID

  • myID Cadence bracelet: $40
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Complete online medical profile
  • 1 year subscription to Premium Online Health Profile included free
  • Premium Profile just $9.99 per year after that
  • Rapid QR code access
  • Fully adjustable fit – Trim to fit
  • Optional Side Sliders Available for specific conditions

myID bracelet product specifications

Weight: 4 oz. / 45g
Width: 1/8 in. / 4mm
Height: 1 in. / 22mm
Sizes: Fully Adjustable
Materials: Silicone / Stainless Steel
Ion Count: 800/cc

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